Sunday, 1 December 2013

Framed Green Bauble Wreath

Recently I saw a beautiful Christmas wreath made using baubles and an empty picture frame. So in the spirit of recycling I used a discarded picture frame which I had previously cut the canvas away for a denim jacket refashion. The frame had nice cream and green tonings so I decided to match this with green baubles. To get a tidy finish I wrapped the loose dangling wires with jewellers wire. This also helped hold the baubles in a pleasing configuration.
So here is the canvas as a finished jacket refashion. The canvas has been washed to give it an aged look. Hmmm but what to do with the picture frame. As this point I just hung onto it until a project came in mind.
Here is the frame with the remaining canvas. The first think I do is cut away the silver hanging wire as it is wrongly placed for this project.

The wire is now cut away. Next step is to select baubles the will match the green in the frame.

This is the tricky, tedious bit. I use green wire the hang the baubles, that was the easy part. To get a neat finish you will need to wrap the wires together and this will take a little bit of time. This will also help keep your baubles in place. For example I wanted the sparkly baubles to be prominent so I needed to adjust the placing and ensure that the wire held them there.

Finished result. Simple, serene and clean. This  framed Christmas wreath cost next to nothing.


  1. That looks really effective, very nice!

  2. Awesome and unique looking framed wreath. Great job!

  3. Thank you all. I gave it to my older sister as a gift to adorn her white concrete block 1950's style house.