Saturday, 23 November 2013

Ollie's Magical Retro Christmas Wreath

For the past couple of weeks I have been working on a special Christmas wreath. I had recently fallen in love with some Christmas wreaths I had seen on Pinterest made from retro Christmas decorations. They evoked childhood memories of kitsch decorations hanging off green tin foil trees. You had to be ultra careful with the tin foil tree as it had the capacity of ripping your hands to shreds. Back in the day safety in relation to kids really didn't exist.Anyway, I wanted a Christmas wreath this year that would resonate with both adults and children. This wreath cost next to nothing and yet is so visually rich. I have dedicated this upcycled project to little Ollie who is so in love with this Christmas wreath he has asked me to help him make one of his own.
Old tired Christmas Wreath from Savers. Now most people would use a hot glue gun for these types of projects. I prefer to use a fine jeweller's wire.

Getting a little bit excited about these old retro Christmas decorations. I need to add to this stash so I have hit the thrift stores and built my collection for this project.

So I start with these retro decorations.

And add them to this rejected wreath. I tried to save the sad molting bird....but it was beyond dead. Hmmm the pine cones are a bit damaged and dusty too.

Gold sparkle glue fixes everything. Pine cones look refreshed. Now here comes the two week part of this project......weaving the decorations tightly through the wreath with with jeweller's wire until it is totally covered.

Hanging on our boring old door,but it is looking mighty fine. It makes our door look less boring which is a bonus. Normally I wait until the 1st December to put a wreath out, but I am so pumped by this one that I have put it out early. The little gold hanging chain has been reclaimed from a cheap nasty thrifted tee.

So much to look at. The oldest decoration is a long red sphere shaped glass decoration on the left centre. This dates back to the early 1960's and is very brittle. 

Ollie's Magical Retro Christmas Tree.

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