Sunday, 20 October 2013

"Christmas Cometh Before You Knoweth" Snow Dome.

Oh nooooo it is only two months before Christmas. Hmmm it sounds like ages away however "Christmas Cometh Before You Knoweth" so it is time for me to start thinking Christmas flourishes. I run away the week before Christmas and head down to the coast as I like to escape the crazy commercialism that has become Christmas. I hate the voracious shopping frenzy to buy meaningless gifts that make big business rich and us poorer through our insecurities about the meaning of Christmas. Instead I plan ahead and start to think of individual gifts that I can make for the people that are special to me. I like all things kitsch and snow domes fall right into the category. Recently I have been on the hunt for retro Christmas decorations at the thrift stores. They usually come bundled up in freezer bags so generally it is a surprise as to what you find inside. It is not hard to make your own snow domes, which make a cute kitsch gift or just have them displayed together around your house at Christmas.
First step is to grab an old jar. You have to make sure that the item you glue to the lid will fit in the jar. Not too long and not too wide otherwise there will be tears as I found out with a too wide item.

This freezer bag full of retro kitsch Christmas decorations was purchased for .99 cents at the local thrift store.
For this project I used super glue as it needs to be strong enough to hold the Christmas decorations while they are immersed in water. This is little 5 year old Ollie's effort. He wanted to ensure that Santa had a chimney to descend down. Place the super glue on the inside of the inverted lid and then add your Christmas decorations.

Once the glue is dry fill the jars with water and glitter. On the inside rim of the lid I placed super glue around the circumference. I then screwed the lid in place. Let this dry before you turn your snow domes right side up. To hide the lids I attached vintage lace.
This little cutie is my favourite. 

The "Christmas Cometh Before You Knoweth" Snow Domes are easy to make and low cost using recycled materials.


  1. I love this idea!! I am going to make some of these snow globes with my kiddos!! Thank you so much for the inspiration!!

  2. Thanks Sarah Lizzie. This is a perfect project to do with kids.