Sunday, 18 August 2013

Heather's Feathers

This post is dedicate to my wonderful friend Heather who lives a very long way from me. We live at opposite ends of the world with Heather in Canada and me in Australia. Horrie(my husband) and I met her on a Cosmos tour through Eastern Europe. She then came to Australia to visit me and I took her to Healesville Sanctuary where we watched the birds of prey. Ohhhh ahhhhh very exciting but scary show. I will not spoil it here except to say that you get up very close and personal to these massive eagles. Heather is a teacher and she also takes choir......she is the inspiration for my musical feathers. 
Greetings from Kevin Koala.....I have missed you Heather.

Wally and Wayne Wallaby wondering when Heather is coming back to feed them.

Start with wooden skewers which will form the spine of your feather.

Here is an early twentieth century soprano song book with musical scores that I found at the thrift store for 50 cents.

These pages with be perfect for this project.

I created 3 feather templates that I made in different sizes using cardboard.

I traced around my template and then cut out two of each feather which will make back and front over the spine.

Just for something different I cut scraps of lace which I then glued to my musical score feather. Once dried I cut the excess lace off.

At this point back and front of the feather have been glued to the spine. Once dried I cut towards the spine on a 45 degree angle to replicate feathers.

Completed feathers in three sizes on display. The lace feather creates texture and interest.

Late afternoon sun.

Heather's Feathers dedicated to my far away friend Heather.


  1. I love these feathers! I may try making some myself.

    1. Thanks Lori....these are fun and easy to make.

  2. How lovely! They turned out great

    1. Thanks Erica....simple project with a soft sweet finish.