Sunday, 21 July 2013

Geoffy's Mid Life Crisis Bed.

Geoffy has hit the grand old age of 14 which in cat years is pretty old and this has resulted in a mid life crisis. I am expecting to see a red sports car in the drive way any day now and next to his cat food it appears that he has snuck a Just For Men blend away your greys hair dye. Not only that, he now considers himself an elder statesman so he has decided recently that walking all over the furniture is a great strategy. He walks all over the coffee table, the leather lounge suite, the retro 1970's teak phone table and he thinks that this is all okay. Hmmm I know that you are getting on in years.....but it is not okay Geoffy! It is winter here and our loungeroom has a concrete floor so I am guessing that he is finding the floor too cold to walk or sit on. He does have a whizz bang beautiful shop bought cat bed but he refuses to sleep in it. I have to find a solution and that solution is to make him his own personal cat bed.
Start with an old jumper or sweater. This I purchased from a thrift store for half price and I was going to use it in a refashion, however I am sacrificing it in order to get Geoffy off the furniture.

The arms are going to get stuffed and thereby produce a warm cosy surround. I have pinned where I plan to stitch across the body of the sweater. This will create the casing. You will also need to stitch the neckline closed.

I have recycled this stuffing from an old cushion.

The arms are now stuffed. You need to do this in order to get an idea as to how the arms will sit on the base. Turn the two bottom corners of the sweater and stitch into a triangular shape. This will help you form a circular base for your cat bed.

Pin the arms in place so it forms a circle. You will then need to remove the stuffing so you can sew the arms in place. Once sewn return the stuffing to the arms.

The final step to this project is to hand sew the open ends at the wrist together. Then just gently squeeze the stuffing through this final section to give the surround an even shape. contented customer.

Now stay off my furniture Geoffy!


  1. That's fantastic Mezzy! Love it.

  2. Thanks Sharon. I had seen the idea on Facebook and decided to give it a go. I don't follow tutorials so it was trial and error but I like sewing that way. He made his own way to the cat bed this evening so I am thrilled. He has been driving me nuts with his casual strolls all over the furniture so I am glad that he embraced this solution.

  3. Aw Geoffy! I'm glad that he used his bed after you'd spent so long making it, looks super cozy, he looks very content