Sunday, 23 June 2013

Retro Sunbeam Mixmaster Magic

Generally this blog is about refashions and upcycling, but there is also a recycling element to it. I like to rescue old things that often get thrown out and I have done this all my adult life. I have a passion for mid-century design and love all things retro. So much so that my late 1960's house is a mixture of  mostly retro and some new contemporary pieces. Today was a glorious winter's day with the sun shining bright so Horrie and I  set off for the The Waverley Antiques Market . It is a massive space full of all things retro. For quite some time I have been lusting after a 1950's Sunbeam Mixmaster. I spotted one in a thrift store approx 1 year ago at only $75.00 but I was 1 minute too late as another retro fancier had beaten me to it. I have found them in retro stores here in Australian but mostly they are $100-$150 plus. I can't justifying spending that much money on a cake mixing device even if it is beautiful. Anyway today in a dark dusty corner of this market I found my mixer and at a price that I was happy to pay. It is in working order so I parted with $48.00 and proudly showed off my exceptional buy to Horrie. The funny thing is that neither of us have a sweet tooth and I have not baked a cake in 2 years. I had to test my gorgeous Sunbeam Mixmaster so tonight I baked a cake. May I share a slice of Apple and Cinnamon Teacake with you?
I have a perfect spot for the Sunbeam Mixmaster on my 1950's kitchen dresser.

Close up pre wash.

Ohhhh Ahhhh works a treat. Note to self.....when adding dry ingredients to a wet mixture start on the setting that reads "adding dry ingredients", otherwise you end up with a nice flour shower. Also note the orange retro measuring cup that I have had since the stone age.....well it seems that long ago.

Retro 1960's ballerina plate at the ready for my special cake.

Just out of the oven and cooling.

Butter glaze topped with homemade cinnamon sugar, ready to eat.

Sunday, 16 June 2013

"Amelia Tells Me So" Skirt.

I have a tendency to go a bit crazy with my refashions, to the point that they end up being over the top. How do I know this?.......Well Amelia tells me so. Amelia often says to me "Less is more Mezzy" Anyway this was going to be another one of those over the top refashions where I ignore Amelia. I can't help myself because I like a lot of layers, bling, colour and pizzazz. The plan was to cover multiple panels of this skirt with silk ties, vintage fabric and leave a few denim panels in between. I had big plans for this skirt. The first tie was an awesome match to the existing print on the denim panel, therefore I was well on my refashion way.
This thrifted skirt is okay....tad on the plain side though.

Nice floral print panels.

This gold silk tie will work perfectly. To fit the panel I need to unpick the back of the tie.

I then pin it into place on one of the plain denim panels making sure that it is off centre.

I use gold thread and for this project and sew the tie into place with a zigzag stitch. I am ready for my next silk tie and a load of vintage fabric....when I hear Amelia's voice in my head "less is more Mezzy"

This is one way of wearing this skirt. I have matched it to a mustard/gold vintage sweater with a beautiful draped neckline. I am going to the pictures today so I wear it with my cowboy boots.

Close up of the finished refashion. Simple, subtle and special. I know that I am going to enjoy wearing my "Amelia Tells Me So" Skirt.