Thursday, 18 April 2013

The Charlotte No! Bag.

"Charlotte No! you can't possibly go out in public with your tatty old bag. I know that you love it....I know that it is special....and I know that you bought it on a trip to Adelaide but seriously the bag is past it's best days. How about I rescue it for you? Does that sound like a plan?"

This is the back of the bag. yes it is a nice print but it has worn away at the seam.

"Charlotte No! The bag looks like it has been eaten by a rat"

I love this vintage tie so I have to use it.

For this project I am going to use the skinny end of numerous vintage ties. I tried to blend the colours so they would be pleasing to the eye. Some of these ties are Horrie's childhood ties, plus a few belonged to my father in law who passed away many years ago.

The bag is now completed with a pretty vintage style cherry trim. For the front of the bag I have left the pointy end of the tie loose.

With the back of the bag I have put the cherry trim at the top and bottom of the ties. I would have liked to have finished the bottom cherry strip with stitching but I ran into a problem. The bag has thick internal plastic stabiliser in the base......never mind, it is still cute.

When I completed this project I presented the Charlotte No! bag back to Charlotte and she loved the rescue. 


  1. I think this is so cute Mezzy. Love it!

  2. Thanks Sharon. I think that it is a cool save for bags that you would need to throw out.