Friday, 12 April 2013

I Will Love You For Infinity Scarf.

I had a sparkle t-shirt that I bought from the thrift store which I wore a few times. I liked the sparkle element of the tee but I found it a bit too short in length. I felt a hmmm muffin top in it as I kept trying to pull the hem down. As much as I liked this top, I just felt uncomfortable wearing it so I retired it to my future projects shelf. Future project day finally came and I turned the tee into a blinging infinity scarf.

Even on Penelope this tee is too short.

I cut the tee straight across from just under the armpits. In the top of the pic you can see what was the hem at the bottom of the tee. I am going to keep that hem intact.

Start cutting strips one third the length of your fabric portion all the way round. Then knot each strip to the base of the fabric as seen in this pic.Naughty me as I don't have a pic of the next step, but the reality is that your scarf looks great at this point so you may decide that it is finished. If you want to keep going the process is a little bit like macrame in the you keep creating knots. 

So here is Penelope wearing her completed scarf. As the pic has been taken in daylight you can't see how much it really sparkles.
Penelope in her little black dress getting ready for a big night out wearing her "I Will Love You For Infinity Scarf"

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