Saturday, 20 April 2013

Happy 50th Birthday Sue

I have never met Sue but I know that she is a wonderful person as little Ollie says so......and that is enough for me. She is a children's librarian in our local area. Ollie spends a lot of time at the library as Sue makes it a very special place. I have always believed that it takes a community to raise a child and Sue is an important part of Ollie's community.We managed to find out that Sue likes beach themed items so here is what I made.

Recycled wine and beer bottles covered with off white household rope. Larger bottle decorated with shells, drftwood and a sponge found during beach treasure hunts. All tied together with household twine.

Gift tag made from vintage 1970's gold embossed wallpaper.

A little wall hanging made from a vintage child's hanky. Years ago I found an unopened pack of children's hankies....bought them....put them away....and waited for the right project.

Birthday card made from an old picture book. I had previously removed the internal pages and was left with the cover. To this I added lace and some additional flowers and leaves. I created a sun from the 1970's wallpaper which I had also used in the gift tag. The left hand side was left blank so Ollie could write his birthday wishes.

All packed in a retro sunny bag and ready to go. Love that the front cover of the card is an ABC book.

Hope that you had a great day Sue.


  1. I think Sue will love this special gift.

  2. The card was great fun to thanks for the inspiration Sharon.