Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Arthur and Martha Lived Happily Ever After.

This is an unknown love story. Arthur and Martha were found forlorn and abandoned at the local thrift store. How can this beautiful couple on what was probably the most special day in their lives.....end up here. The cheap pine frame did not do justice to this glorious wartime couple. I handed over my $2 and rescued them from a junk pile of picture frames. I did not know their names so I gave them names from that era. I have adopted Arthur and Martha and they are now my much loved but unknown adopted grandparents. I wanted them to have pride of place so I turfed the ugly pine frame and got to work on a more suitable surrounding. I used some 1970's retro gold embossed wallpaper(one day I am going to run out of Amelia's amazing retro wallpaper and then there will be tears) which I tore up and then glued to the cardboard surround. To this I added some vintage lace and then I finished this project off with a box picture frame from the 1930's. 

At the top is Arthur and Martha on the wedding day and a couple of pics showing them in their later years.

Arthur and Martha I promise you that I will rescue you from the ugly pine frame. 

My new much loved adopted grandparents now displayed on a beautiful 1950/60's chest of drawers.

A frame more deserving of this unknown love story.


  1. Arthur and Martha are now known as Lawrence (known as Laurie) and Nita. Nita passed away at the age of 71 in February 2006 and Laurie passed away on April 27 this year, aged 80.

    Laurie had dementia for the last ten years of his life. He never even knew that Nita had gone. By the time she passed away, he could hardly talk and didn't understand most of what was being said to him. He never knew she had gone. I asked him one day if he knew Nita. He said that he didn't know her but he'd heard that she was a very nice person. I went down to his room, because I knew it was empty, and just sat there and cried.

    Dementia is an awful thing to watch. By the time Laurie passed away, he could say hello and if you said his name, he would look but not necessarily at you. That's all that he was able to do. His passing was very peaceful.

    Laurie and Nita didn't have any children so when Nita asked if I would look after Laurie's needs if she went first, I said I would. I didn't know it would be for seven years.

    The final thing I could do for Laurie was to organize his funeral. He would have hated it but we all thought it was fantastic!!! The night of the service, I finally admitted to my mother that I had done a good job organizing everything. And the candles on his coffin rather that flowers looked fantastic.

    When Laurie passed, my husband and I were due to go away for the weekend. That was very quickly cancelled. My first job was to visit Mum and let her know. She wasn't home! Then I remembered where she was. So off to another house and only her car was there!!! I thought we'd be driving all over Croydon and Bayswater all day. I rang her and asked how long she would be. It didn't occur to her that I was on my way for a birthday weekend treat for hubby.

    When she heard the news, she was so relieved. We all were. The next thing was that she wanted to go to the nursing home to say goodbye to him. I rang my daughter and she said she'd come to my place first and go with us. Sometimes she is such a rock for me. She was that day.

    There was only 13 people at Laurie's funeral. But the celebrant made up for the lack of people. I told her that if she heard a strange noise during the service, it was Laurie spinning in his coffin. The celebrant is easy to describe: She is so far over the top that she's down the hill and up the next one!

    That's how your story of Arthur and Martha ends. But there is plenty more from the beginning.

    (Hubby thinks I'm writing a book! Please feel free to edit out as much as you like.)

  2. Janii the story is perfect just the way you wrote it. I am glad that you found today's post on the Lost Melbourne Facebook group as I have been determined to try and find the family of Laurie and Nita. I am so grateful that I am going to be able to return this photo to you and your brother. I cried when I read your story about Laurie and Nita and as much as I have become attached to this gorgeous pic, it is now time that it returns home to loved ones.

  3. It was actually my brother who found your post. I had never heard of Lost Melbourne until this morning. It's such a fascinating site to wander through and I'm sure I will be looking at it on a regular basis.

    One of the interesting things about Laurie and Nita happened a couple of years ago.

    I had never watched The Block but for some reason got caught up in one of the series. Mum rang one day and asked who was in house number ??? It was house number 4 on the show. It was the house Nita's family lived in and the house where she went to her wedding from.

    Just after they were married, Laurie was sent to Darwin for a couple of years with the Air Force. When he returned, he lived in that house for a while. As that series was shot in Richmond, hubby and I stopped there one day just to have a look. It was hard to comprehend what had happened there over fifty years ago. Also, as a baby, I had been in that house. Nita's mother Holly had a lot of arthritis in her hands. Her family were loathe to let her nurse any of the new babies. My Mum had different ideas. She let Holly nurse me. So, well over fifty years ago, I was in that house that was on The Block.