Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Arthur and Martha Lived Happily Ever After.

This is an unknown love story. Arthur and Martha were found forlorn and abandoned at the local thrift store. How can this beautiful couple on what was probably the most special day in their lives.....end up here. The cheap pine frame did not do justice to this glorious wartime couple. I handed over my $2 and rescued them from a junk pile of picture frames. I did not know their names so I gave them names from that era. I have adopted Arthur and Martha and they are now my much loved but unknown adopted grandparents. I wanted them to have pride of place so I turfed the ugly pine frame and got to work on a more suitable surrounding. I used some 1970's retro gold embossed wallpaper(one day I am going to run out of Amelia's amazing retro wallpaper and then there will be tears) which I tore up and then glued to the cardboard surround. To this I added some vintage lace and then I finished this project off with a box picture frame from the 1930's. 

At the top is Arthur and Martha on the wedding day and a couple of pics showing them in their later years.

Arthur and Martha I promise you that I will rescue you from the ugly pine frame. 

My new much loved adopted grandparents now displayed on a beautiful 1950/60's chest of drawers.

A frame more deserving of this unknown love story.

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Retro Rosie

Retro Rosie was visiting from Perth,
she wanted to check out Melbourne for all it was worth.
With a beautiful beehive she's the epitome of retro style,
you just wanted to stop her and chat for awhile.

Black and white was her color du jour,
she look 60's ready and so demure.
With perfect cat's eye makeup and her sweet ballet flats, 
she dates back to an era when gentlemen wore hats.

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Happy 50th Birthday Sue

I have never met Sue but I know that she is a wonderful person as little Ollie says so......and that is enough for me. She is a children's librarian in our local area. Ollie spends a lot of time at the library as Sue makes it a very special place. I have always believed that it takes a community to raise a child and Sue is an important part of Ollie's community.We managed to find out that Sue likes beach themed items so here is what I made.

Recycled wine and beer bottles covered with off white household rope. Larger bottle decorated with shells, drftwood and a sponge found during beach treasure hunts. All tied together with household twine.

Gift tag made from vintage 1970's gold embossed wallpaper.

A little wall hanging made from a vintage child's hanky. Years ago I found an unopened pack of children's hankies....bought them....put them away....and waited for the right project.

Birthday card made from an old picture book. I had previously removed the internal pages and was left with the cover. To this I added lace and some additional flowers and leaves. I created a sun from the 1970's wallpaper which I had also used in the gift tag. The left hand side was left blank so Ollie could write his birthday wishes.

All packed in a retro sunny bag and ready to go. Love that the front cover of the card is an ABC book.

Hope that you had a great day Sue.

Thursday, 18 April 2013

The Charlotte No! Bag.

"Charlotte No! you can't possibly go out in public with your tatty old bag. I know that you love it....I know that it is special....and I know that you bought it on a trip to Adelaide but seriously the bag is past it's best days. How about I rescue it for you? Does that sound like a plan?"

This is the back of the bag. yes it is a nice print but it has worn away at the seam.

"Charlotte No! The bag looks like it has been eaten by a rat"

I love this vintage tie so I have to use it.

For this project I am going to use the skinny end of numerous vintage ties. I tried to blend the colours so they would be pleasing to the eye. Some of these ties are Horrie's childhood ties, plus a few belonged to my father in law who passed away many years ago.

The bag is now completed with a pretty vintage style cherry trim. For the front of the bag I have left the pointy end of the tie loose.

With the back of the bag I have put the cherry trim at the top and bottom of the ties. I would have liked to have finished the bottom cherry strip with stitching but I ran into a problem. The bag has thick internal plastic stabiliser in the base......never mind, it is still cute.

When I completed this project I presented the Charlotte No! bag back to Charlotte and she loved the rescue. 

Friday, 12 April 2013

I Will Love You For Infinity Scarf.

I had a sparkle t-shirt that I bought from the thrift store which I wore a few times. I liked the sparkle element of the tee but I found it a bit too short in length. I felt a hmmm muffin top in it as I kept trying to pull the hem down. As much as I liked this top, I just felt uncomfortable wearing it so I retired it to my future projects shelf. Future project day finally came and I turned the tee into a blinging infinity scarf.

Even on Penelope this tee is too short.

I cut the tee straight across from just under the armpits. In the top of the pic you can see what was the hem at the bottom of the tee. I am going to keep that hem intact.

Start cutting strips one third the length of your fabric portion all the way round. Then knot each strip to the base of the fabric as seen in this pic.Naughty me as I don't have a pic of the next step, but the reality is that your scarf looks great at this point so you may decide that it is finished. If you want to keep going the process is a little bit like macrame in the you keep creating knots. 

So here is Penelope wearing her completed scarf. As the pic has been taken in daylight you can't see how much it really sparkles.
Penelope in her little black dress getting ready for a big night out wearing her "I Will Love You For Infinity Scarf"