Saturday, 23 February 2013

"Beach House" Bottle

A walk along the beach
A couple a glasses of wine
And a bit of household rope.

What does it make? 
It makes a Beach House Bottle.

My sister lives by the beach and when we have extended family get togethers I am always the first to suggest that we take a walk along the beach. My family humour me because they know that my beach walk is all about collecting treasures. Even 80 year old patriach Samuel joins in collecting shells and sea glass. So this cost $2.50 all up to make. I have not included the cost of the bottle of wine as I would buy and enjoy that regardless of this project. I used $2.00 of household rope and 50 cents of glue. The shells and driftwood cost the princely sum of family love.

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

"It Is Raining Cats And Dogs" Wall Hangings

This was a very simple project. I picked up three small decorator canvases for $2.00 each. They had a hessian backing and a picture of an ancient Japanese warrior. These were cheaper to buy than purchasing a plain white artist canvas. I had a stack of damaged retro picture books. They dated back to the 1960's and the pictures were just divine. Too precious to throw out I cut the pictures with scrap booking scissors and then glued them over the Japanese warrior. Each wall hanging has cost me approx $2.50 to create. This is an easy simple project that would transform a nursery or child's room into something bright and cheerful.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

"Romance Is Not Dead" Valentine Tin

Sssshhhh don't tell Horrie but I drank all his gourmet herbal tea and I needed to get rid of the evidence.Hmmm what to do with his plain silver metal tin. I know, I will win him over by creating a "Romance is not dead" Valentine tin. So I started with a plain, boring empty tin and turned it into my Valentine Day's present with some vintage pics, tea stained lace and a lot of creativity.

Happy Valentine's Day Horrie.

Thursday, 7 February 2013

"Will You Be My Valentine?" Vases.

"Oh romantic. This is so much nicer than a bunch of red roses. Yes of course I will be your Valentine Horrie!

Gosh I like a glass of red wine....but what to do with the empty bottles? I know....I will turn them into vases. I have rescued multiple old damaged and stained lace doilies Cut cut cut....glue glue glue.....seal seal seal.....and viola......Valentine Vases.