Friday, 30 November 2012

Mr Brown Goes To Town Jacket

Where did this refashion begin.....well it started months and months ago when I bought a green/grey canvas jacket at a Thrift Store. I bought the jacket with the idea of showcasing an interesting refashion technique of changing the back middle panel. The dream was to find a canvas painting which I would trim to fit the back panel. I had to wait for the perfect canvas so it remained a dream for many many months until Mr Brown came to town. I spotted Mr Brown or more correctly.....Mr Brown's canvas painting at the Bayswater Salvos. So I said to Sue the lovely manager " Sue I can turn this canvas into something special. It will look great in your refashion section and hopefully it will inspire people to create it for themselves." Sue was curious and she replied "Go for it Mezzy" I want to thank Mr Brown who carefully wrote his name, phone number and that he was an artist on the back of the canvas. Your canvas now has another life. 
Front of plain green/grey canvas jacket

Penelope you need to iron the back of this jacket.

Ohhhh ahhhh, interesting painting on canvas. Thanks Mr Brown....I have been waited months for you to come into my life.

I have cut out a template of the back panel of the jacket. I have removed the painting from the frame and it is now time to cut it to size.

I have pinned it and now I am sewing. I will double stitch this in place.

This is a trim from the bottom of a cardigan that I have rescued. The cardigan could not be sold due to damage. You are looking at the wrong side of the trim.

Here is the correct side of the cardigan trim. I like the wrong side that is what I am going to use. Trim the excess fabric away from the overlocked finish.

How amazing? The cardigan trim fits perfectly all the way around the bottom edge of the canvas jacket. I sew over the overlocking to secure the trim in place.

Pretty from the front.

Soft and sweet with a bit of lace.

And fabulous from the back.


  1. I love the concept of turning art into clothes. I don't know if you can call it art as such but I tried recently to turn a cross stitch piece into a bag with great success (I think). Need to post about it one of these days.

    Loving the jacket though!

  2. That is very lovely! I too have been looking for a canvas but not found one. Yours is perfect!

  3. Fabulous
    thanks for sharing

  4. This is stunning - I love it xxx