Friday, 26 October 2012

The Divine Neckline Tee.

  • Big Tick.....Trip to San Francisco
  • Big Tick.....Vintage scene in Haight St
  • Big Tick.....Gorgeous vintage grey tee found at a recycle store
Some time later my husband started recommending that I stop wearing holey threadbare grey San Francisco tee. Awesome tee had to be retired so I removed the gorgeous plaited neckline with the intention of turning into something cool. Then it just sat on my dressmakers model for one year awaiting it's special transformation. 

Transformation day finally came and I decided to add colour to the removed neckline. I needed a plain grey tee so I grabbed my Penelope's Tweed Indeed Tee and removed the tweed ric rac. I liked the ric rac but I decided that the finish was just not me. 

So here is the plain grey tee

Apologies as I do not have a pic of my threadbare holey tee, but this is the plaited neckline that I carefully unpicked

I want to add a bit of colour to the neckline so I start making tee shirt strip roses.

This is my tea stained bit of vintage lace that I have used for many many of my refashions. Before I dyed it with tea I used it in my Cheeky Charlotte Cardigan which is an Anthropologie inspired refashion and still one of my favourites. For this refashion I have decided to plait it so it replicates the neckline.

A little bit of the plait was turned into a rose.

The plaited rose had a reclaimed button added to it. I then sewed it on the grey plaited neckline.

Here is the end result after a few more flowers and finally hand sewing the plaited neckline in place.

The neckline now has texture and colour.

The plaited neckline and flowers soften this plain grey tee. From plain to pretty I am very pleased with the result. 

An alternative finish as I decided that I did not like the long braid. I am still undecided whether I will it will remain this way.