Monday, 10 September 2012

Dress 4 Success Cushion.

 I love covering large cushions with quirky retro fabric. I found the perfect cushion in a thrift store, which was new but damaged. The zipper had not been sewn in correctly and therefore the fabric was coming away from the cushion. Bargain at only $1.99 and I had a multiple of retro fabrics at home that I could cover it with. I picked this retro 1970's formless dress in a thrift store for $2.00 and waited for the right project to come along. I have now turned this retro dress into a quirky cushion which is ideal for a lazy weekend with your favourite book outdoors. 
Here is my tired formless retro 70's dress. Even Penelope is a bit underwhelmed wearing it!

First step was to unpick all the darts in the main body of the dress.

I wanted to include the button front in my cushion so I basically stuffed the cushion inside the dress until I roughly had it in place. I then sewed shut the dress which will become the bottom section of the cushion.

This is the bottom section that I cut away. As you can see it has a fair bit of staining.

Put my cushion back in place and roughly centred the button front. I then pinned it in place. I sewed the remaining three sides and trimmed the excess fabric with pinking sheers.

Oh dear....more staining. Not a problem as I will cut off one sleeve cuffs and sew it over the stain. It will create an interesting feature. Once all this is completed, I undo the buttons and stuff my damaged cushion in place.

A peaceful spot to sit in the early morning sun. This rustic bench is gorgeous to look at but not so comfortable to spend an hour or two reading your favourite book. Your Dress 4 Success Cushion makes this an inviting place to wile away the hours.

The Dress 4 Success Cushion makes this bench seat very cosy and comfortable..

Close up of the button opening and the cuff addition which hides an ugly stain.