Friday, 14 September 2012

Birthday Boy Tees

Designer tees are very expensive and why waste your money when you can make your own. I had a little birthday boy turning 4 so I decided to buy some plain cheap chain store tees and turn them into something special. The two tees cost me a total of $5.00.  

First Tee has denim trims

Second Tee is plain black

This is the sleeve of one of my husband's tee shirts that he no longer wears. My daughter made him retire this tee......can't understand why! 

So I have created a paper template and then cut out some fusible webbing.

Old denim jeans

Iron the fusible webbing to the denim and then cut around. I did the same process for the black tee. Once I was happy with the shapes I attached them to the inside of the tees. Carefully sew around the number.

This is the outside of the tees with the numbers sewn in place. This looks great but in a minute it will look even better.

This is the magical part when you start cutting the unwanted fabric away to reveal your cool insert. Make sure you cut as close to the stitching as possible.

First Tee with matching denim number insert

Black Tee with cool number 4

Happy with the result and I am sure that Birthday Boy will love it.
Happy 4th Birthday Ollie.