Saturday, 8 September 2012

Baby Bang Sneakers

Mr "I am turning 4" had fallen in love with my Big Bang Sneakers and requested a pair for his 4th birthday. Mr "I am turning 4" stipulated that HIS sneakers had to be orange(his favourite colour). To give him ownership I invited him to assist me with the creation of Baby Bang Sneakers. He is an expert in how we create the colour orange so he carefully mixed yellow and red paint together. The concentration on his face while painting  was priceless as he tried to stay within the canvas lines. His job was done and off he went happily. It was then time for me to create the fireworks.

Plain $4.00 chain store pair of runners.

Wow! Mr "I am turning 4", that is a bright orange that you have mixed up. Great job painting the canvas and avoiding the white rubber surround.

Blue is the base coat for the fireworks. I am using fabric paint and a very fine brush. Start in the centre of the firework and flick your brush out.

At this stage I have added red and yellow.

Finally the white which is your highlighting colour. Once completed I sealed my sneakers with waterproof fabric spray. The sneakers came with white laces but I thought that I would add an extra surprise by creating designer laces. Mr "I am turning 4", loves bright bold colours and I have just the perfect braiding/faux ricrac for these laces. Had picked the faux ricrac for 10 cents at the thrift store.

I used the white shoelaces to measure the correct length. I also need to create the skinny end of the shoelace so I roll the end into itself and then pin to hold it.

With red thread I sew the ends in place and then I just start circling tightly the rolled end.

Here is the circling technique

I want it to be like a regular shoelace so I then use Mod Podge to create a clear permanent hold.

Finished Baby Bang Sneakers with designer style shoelaces.

Ready to wear

Mr"I am turning 4" is going to be a very happy birthday boy.


  1. Molto grazie. Ho usato Google Translate per scrivere questo messaggio e spero che legga correttamente. Con i miei rimodella cerco di fare qualcosa di diverso. Mi piace creare cose che sono individuali e eccentrico.

  2. These are incredible! I love them!

    1. Thanks. They are bright, cheerful and totally over the top. I love them.

  3. Cute and cheerful! Just shown them to my son and he says he wants a pair too!

  4. Every child deserves their own Baby Bang Sneakers. Ollie's face just lights up with excitement at the thought of getting them for his 4th birthday. He has been trying to scam me into handing them over early. He keeps telling me that he needs to try them on so he can check and see if they fit