Sunday, 16 September 2012

Sweet Pea Purse

I am a bower bird so on my thrifting adventures I collect vintage lace, braiding, buttons and fabric. I have no project in mind when I buy them so I store them in my thrifting nest for use at a later date. Recently I found a tapestry coin purse at my favourite thrift store. A bargain at $2.99 and quite pretty. When I saw it, I knew that it was the perfect size to store 3 or 4 lipsticks. I do have a lipstick case but it only stores one lipstick and I have never found a lipstick case that stores more than one, so I decided to create my own. My mood changes during the course of the day so when I refresh my lipstick I tend to change the colour. Hence I currently have 4 lipsticks floating around in the bottom of my handbag. This is a problem as they become hard to locate and the lids tend to detach, resulting in a stained handbag.

The solution to this dilemma is the Sweet Pea Purse.

Pretty tapestry coin purse.

Vintage doily with a hole. I purchased 3 for 50 cents.

Stash of vintage lace and braiding.

I cut two pieces of each for the front and back of the coin purse. I then started to hand sew the braiding to the top of the lace.

1970's floral fabric which I will use in this project.

I have finished sewing the braiding to the lace but I think that it needs more so I will come back to it.

This is my vintage Welsh tweed that I have used in other projects.

Stash of vintage buttons. Which ones shall I pick for this project.

In this pic the lace trim is now complete. One piece is trimmed with pink buttons and the other piece with white buttons. At the top of the pic is my tweed flower. The biggest circle is the tweed. The middle circle is a flower cut from my floral 1970's fabric. The smallest circle is a blue flower from the damaged doily. I sewed all these into place and then Mod Podge to stop the tweed from unraveling.

This is the finished coin purse. There are extra elements of pink ric rac and a large lace flower(again from a length of lace trim) which I carefully cut out. I then sewed a smaller purple flower from the 1970's floral fabric and finally finished it with a pink button. The blue bunch of flowers was cut from the damaged doily. The final step was to hand sew them into place onto the purse.

This is the second side of the purse with the white button trim up top. On the left you can see the tweed flower along with pink ric rac and some leftover tea stained lace in the middle. Further flowers with further buttons are also added.

The key to the Sweet Pea Purse is to keep building and building and building. The end result is well worth it and I now have a good size traveling lipstick container.

Friday, 14 September 2012

Birthday Boy Tees

Designer tees are very expensive and why waste your money when you can make your own. I had a little birthday boy turning 4 so I decided to buy some plain cheap chain store tees and turn them into something special. The two tees cost me a total of $5.00.  

First Tee has denim trims

Second Tee is plain black

This is the sleeve of one of my husband's tee shirts that he no longer wears. My daughter made him retire this tee......can't understand why! 

So I have created a paper template and then cut out some fusible webbing.

Old denim jeans

Iron the fusible webbing to the denim and then cut around. I did the same process for the black tee. Once I was happy with the shapes I attached them to the inside of the tees. Carefully sew around the number.

This is the outside of the tees with the numbers sewn in place. This looks great but in a minute it will look even better.

This is the magical part when you start cutting the unwanted fabric away to reveal your cool insert. Make sure you cut as close to the stitching as possible.

First Tee with matching denim number insert

Black Tee with cool number 4

Happy with the result and I am sure that Birthday Boy will love it.
Happy 4th Birthday Ollie.

Monday, 10 September 2012

Dress 4 Success Cushion.

 I love covering large cushions with quirky retro fabric. I found the perfect cushion in a thrift store, which was new but damaged. The zipper had not been sewn in correctly and therefore the fabric was coming away from the cushion. Bargain at only $1.99 and I had a multiple of retro fabrics at home that I could cover it with. I picked this retro 1970's formless dress in a thrift store for $2.00 and waited for the right project to come along. I have now turned this retro dress into a quirky cushion which is ideal for a lazy weekend with your favourite book outdoors. 
Here is my tired formless retro 70's dress. Even Penelope is a bit underwhelmed wearing it!

First step was to unpick all the darts in the main body of the dress.

I wanted to include the button front in my cushion so I basically stuffed the cushion inside the dress until I roughly had it in place. I then sewed shut the dress which will become the bottom section of the cushion.

This is the bottom section that I cut away. As you can see it has a fair bit of staining.

Put my cushion back in place and roughly centred the button front. I then pinned it in place. I sewed the remaining three sides and trimmed the excess fabric with pinking sheers.

Oh dear....more staining. Not a problem as I will cut off one sleeve cuffs and sew it over the stain. It will create an interesting feature. Once all this is completed, I undo the buttons and stuff my damaged cushion in place.

A peaceful spot to sit in the early morning sun. This rustic bench is gorgeous to look at but not so comfortable to spend an hour or two reading your favourite book. Your Dress 4 Success Cushion makes this an inviting place to wile away the hours.

The Dress 4 Success Cushion makes this bench seat very cosy and comfortable..

Close up of the button opening and the cuff addition which hides an ugly stain.

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Baby Bang Sneakers

Mr "I am turning 4" had fallen in love with my Big Bang Sneakers and requested a pair for his 4th birthday. Mr "I am turning 4" stipulated that HIS sneakers had to be orange(his favourite colour). To give him ownership I invited him to assist me with the creation of Baby Bang Sneakers. He is an expert in how we create the colour orange so he carefully mixed yellow and red paint together. The concentration on his face while painting  was priceless as he tried to stay within the canvas lines. His job was done and off he went happily. It was then time for me to create the fireworks.

Plain $4.00 chain store pair of runners.

Wow! Mr "I am turning 4", that is a bright orange that you have mixed up. Great job painting the canvas and avoiding the white rubber surround.

Blue is the base coat for the fireworks. I am using fabric paint and a very fine brush. Start in the centre of the firework and flick your brush out.

At this stage I have added red and yellow.

Finally the white which is your highlighting colour. Once completed I sealed my sneakers with waterproof fabric spray. The sneakers came with white laces but I thought that I would add an extra surprise by creating designer laces. Mr "I am turning 4", loves bright bold colours and I have just the perfect braiding/faux ricrac for these laces. Had picked the faux ricrac for 10 cents at the thrift store.

I used the white shoelaces to measure the correct length. I also need to create the skinny end of the shoelace so I roll the end into itself and then pin to hold it.

With red thread I sew the ends in place and then I just start circling tightly the rolled end.

Here is the circling technique

I want it to be like a regular shoelace so I then use Mod Podge to create a clear permanent hold.

Finished Baby Bang Sneakers with designer style shoelaces.

Ready to wear

Mr"I am turning 4" is going to be a very happy birthday boy.