Sunday, 5 August 2012

"Iris In Bloom" Denim Jacket

I am a big fan of the denim jacket refashion. It all started with Anthropologie and their Kunstenaar Denim Jacket. Loved it, loved it, loved it but the price was prohibitive at $388 USD so I needed to create my own version. At that time I came up with my "Well Travelled Rock Chick" Denim Jacket. I adored this jacket as it was edgy and retro but I knew that I would one day use the same idea to create something that was like a work of art. It was just a matter of finding the right panel to sew into the back of a denim jacket. Now I must admit that I have had a few false starts along the way. I have purchased vintage fabric and even a 1950's flour sack with gorgeous retro images for this refashion, yet none of these were perfect. Yesterday I managed to find the most beautiful Irish linen tea-towel with a floral image that popped. Finally I found perfection.

So here is Penelope Hanger posing alluringly in a half shadow showing the front of the jacket.

And here is the panel that is going to be transformed. Now this jacket only cost me $3.00 in a thrift store.

Here is my work of art. This is a beautiful Irish linen tea-towel that I picked up for $1.00. Obviously it has been stored away for a long time so I am going to have to iron out the folds. 

So I roughly centre it along the middle back panel of the jacket. I want elements of the purple and orange iris.

I am going to pin it to the double stitching

I pin the fabric to the jacket and then use my finger as a guide to feel for the outer edge of the double stitching. With a marker I start tracing.

Then I start cutting

I sew this beautiful linen in place.

My linen is going to fray so I need to edge it with this faux navy blue bias binding. Again another thrift store find

At this stage I pin my faux bias binding. I am trying to create somewhat of a window to the garden. 

Wow.....those colours pop!

"Iris in Bloom" enjoying an overgrown bush garden.


  1. Fantastic jacket refash! I've done a similar one using a comic book t shirt on the back of a kds jacket. Yours is so pretty!

  2. Thanks Erica Louise. The funny thing is that I had been searching for the perfect panel for months. I had three panels that I was 90% happy with but I never went ahead as I felt that each panel had just something missing. Straight after your workshop I went to Hunter Gatherer(Knox) and I found the linen tea-towel. As soon as I laid my eyes on it I knew that my jacket refashion was good to go.

  3. You've managed to find colours in the tea towel that go so well with the denim!!! A fabulous jacket for $4. Welcome to the world of link parties... a great way to show off your projects and a great way to find other blogs that may interest you. It's hard to crop a rectangular photo to show the picture as you want. I look forward to seeing a lot more of your creativity and refashioning!!!

  4. I've featured your Iris in Bloom Denim Jacket today...

  5. Thanks Pam for featuring me. My first feature took me two stressful hours of trying to figure how attach attach another blog's badge to my own blog. Your my second feature and I am proud to say that this time it own took me ten minutes of trying to figure it out. Yay.