Monday, 27 August 2012

Hair Today Gone Tomorrow Comb.

During the 1980's everyone had big hair and wore hair combs. I was at my favourite thrift store when I spotted a pack of 4 hair combs and since I still rock the big hair look, I decided that I should buy them at 50cents. They came in a pack of four but they were a bit too plain for me. This seasons colours are turquoise and terracotta which combined look great. So if you have a spare ten minutes(this is a very quick refashion) create your own Hair Today Gone Tomorrow Comb.

So I started with this

Four plain combs

Terracotta and turquoise tees

Cut a strip of fabric from each tee
Start from behind your comb leaving an excess of approx 1 inch of fabric. Start winding between the teeth of your comb.

Add your second strip of fabric and repeat the previous process. Make sure that the turquoise strip settles within the gaps of the orange strip. Apply some strong pressure to keep your winding tight.

This is the inside of your comb. To ensure that your strips hold you will need to sew the excess into the back of the wound strips. Then cut as close to your finished stitching as possible.

Your Hair Today Gone Tomorrow comb is now finished and ready to wear.

Artistic pic

Cool result for just ten minutes of work.

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  1. Lovely complimentary colours. I think they would make good party gifts too!