Monday, 27 August 2012

Hair Today Gone Tomorrow Comb.

During the 1980's everyone had big hair and wore hair combs. I was at my favourite thrift store when I spotted a pack of 4 hair combs and since I still rock the big hair look, I decided that I should buy them at 50cents. They came in a pack of four but they were a bit too plain for me. This seasons colours are turquoise and terracotta which combined look great. So if you have a spare ten minutes(this is a very quick refashion) create your own Hair Today Gone Tomorrow Comb.

So I started with this

Four plain combs

Terracotta and turquoise tees

Cut a strip of fabric from each tee
Start from behind your comb leaving an excess of approx 1 inch of fabric. Start winding between the teeth of your comb.

Add your second strip of fabric and repeat the previous process. Make sure that the turquoise strip settles within the gaps of the orange strip. Apply some strong pressure to keep your winding tight.

This is the inside of your comb. To ensure that your strips hold you will need to sew the excess into the back of the wound strips. Then cut as close to your finished stitching as possible.

Your Hair Today Gone Tomorrow comb is now finished and ready to wear.

Artistic pic

Cool result for just ten minutes of work.

Saturday, 25 August 2012

The Horrie Dargie Calling Card

It was time to update my business cards and get something a bit more reflective of my retro roots. I was pretty happy with my first effort but I wanted to expand on the retro theme. That is when Horrie Dargie came a calling. I found his 1960's singalong album in a thrift store for $1.00 and it was at that moment that I knew Horrie was the man for me. I will not go into his history, but you can check out his bio for more details. 

So the guy in the centre is Horrie Dargie. The LP inside became a placemat for my retro 1950's dining table. I used my little pin container and traced around some interesting heads and text.

Here is the pin container that I used. I have also used it on The Mikado album cover to make bright business cards.

Here are a few of the Horrie Dargie Calling Cards. At this stage they are fine but I wanted to add more detail. It was Singalong Party Time at Horrie's place.....and I felt that the cards should reflect that.

The girl in the top right hand corner ended up with a bow made out of left over t-shirt material. This was carefully sewn into place. The girl directly underneath her is wearing a glued hat made from 1960's vintage fabric. Girl in the top left hand corner with my man Horrie, is wearing a glued party hat rescued from a 1960's childs dress. The brunette in the bottom left hand corner is waiting for her make-over. Her pink dress  has seen better days and is somewhat stained from too much partying. With a little bit of vintage fabric her dirty party dress will be like new again.

So here is Horrie and his adoring party girls.

Loving the girl with the big green bow in her hair. So if you live a retro life and need a business card......why not create your very own Horrie Dargie Calling Card.

Sunday, 5 August 2012

"Iris In Bloom" Denim Jacket

I am a big fan of the denim jacket refashion. It all started with Anthropologie and their Kunstenaar Denim Jacket. Loved it, loved it, loved it but the price was prohibitive at $388 USD so I needed to create my own version. At that time I came up with my "Well Travelled Rock Chick" Denim Jacket. I adored this jacket as it was edgy and retro but I knew that I would one day use the same idea to create something that was like a work of art. It was just a matter of finding the right panel to sew into the back of a denim jacket. Now I must admit that I have had a few false starts along the way. I have purchased vintage fabric and even a 1950's flour sack with gorgeous retro images for this refashion, yet none of these were perfect. Yesterday I managed to find the most beautiful Irish linen tea-towel with a floral image that popped. Finally I found perfection.

So here is Penelope Hanger posing alluringly in a half shadow showing the front of the jacket.

And here is the panel that is going to be transformed. Now this jacket only cost me $3.00 in a thrift store.

Here is my work of art. This is a beautiful Irish linen tea-towel that I picked up for $1.00. Obviously it has been stored away for a long time so I am going to have to iron out the folds. 

So I roughly centre it along the middle back panel of the jacket. I want elements of the purple and orange iris.

I am going to pin it to the double stitching

I pin the fabric to the jacket and then use my finger as a guide to feel for the outer edge of the double stitching. With a marker I start tracing.

Then I start cutting

I sew this beautiful linen in place.

My linen is going to fray so I need to edge it with this faux navy blue bias binding. Again another thrift store find

At this stage I pin my faux bias binding. I am trying to create somewhat of a window to the garden. 

Wow.....those colours pop!

"Iris in Bloom" enjoying an overgrown bush garden.