Thursday, 19 July 2012

"No Nana Panel Tee" Refashion

"The job of the Nana Panel is to create a formless, frumpy and shapeless tee. "Unfashion Designers" love the Nana Panel concept as it means that no matter what size you are, you are going to fit into this tee.It is the one size fits all mentality and it is designed to help part us from our money. "Oh here is a nice roomy and comfy tee. Gosh, I need to part with my $50 and buy it. Hmmm and when I am done wearing it I can always sell it to the visiting circus as they can use it as their new big top"

Hmmm sorry "Unfashion Designers" but your Nana Panel Tee is not for me. I may be plus sized but I don't want to hide my figure underneath your baggy saggy tee.

So here is the before. Nice colour but totally shapeless. Still a bargain however at $4.99 from the thrift store.

In between the pompom effect is the dreaded Nana Panel. I am sorry but is has to go!

So with my scissors I carefully cut away the Nana Panel using the inside seam as my guide. far so good. this seems to be working.

Nana Panel almost removed.

I want to keep the drawstring tie intact.

So with my scissors I carefully cut underneath the drawstring. At this point this would have qualified as a 10 second no sew tee-shirt refashion. From oversized tee-shirt to light and airy cardigan, this is technically a finished refashion but alas no, I need to do more.

So with my green fabric marker I do a little bit of colouring in.

This provides a nice subtle bit of detailing, but for me it still needs more.

These buttons are 30+ years old. They are kind of a blue toned mother of pearl.

Generally I am not a great one for measuring but I want an even random type placement of my buttons. So the gap between buttons is 8 inches.

Here are my pin markers.

And now I have sewn the buttons into place. These buttons serve no purpose they are just there for detail.

So here I am wearing my finished cardigan/shrug. I think that it works well with my form fitting tank top. The cuff on my wrist is made from vintage furnishing fabric and vintage jigsaw puzzle pieces. This cuff can be found at Retro Tie Refashion seems that I do have a figure. Lucky I didn't stick with the baggy saggy tee.

Close up of the buttons and colouring in.

It also works well with a plain white tee underneath.


  1. Good for you!! And it looks great, much better than a "big top"!!

  2. I love the new look - the fabric marker was a great idea, and I'm so glad you saved both the pom pom trim AND the string tie. Great makeover!