Saturday, 7 July 2012

Handbag Refashion

"Rosie's Romantic Rose" Handbag
I love 1970's leather patchwork handbags. They were all the rage in the 70's and I am convinced that every woman had one. They have their own unique style which is hard to define. Were these bags contemporary and stylish.....or were they kind of tacky and ugly? Hmmm I am undecided on which category they belonged to, but finally I have managed to track one down at a thrift store for $5.00. I will be honest in saying that I would never use it in its original form. Time for a romantic rose make-over.


Still in great condition.

I will use a bit of this 1970's fabric. I have used this in many of my previous refashions. One of my favourite refashions with this fabric is Flowers at my Feet

Leftover cushion fabric used in Rustic Rose Skirt

More leftover fabric which was previously used in my Rustle up a Bustle Cardigan, or as one fashion critic(Jodes of pinterest) called it....OMG NO,not another fashion disaster. Oh well not everyone of my refashions is going to turn out brilliant. Sometimes I think that it is good to throw it out to the universe because not everyone is going to like everything that you create.

Leftover tea stained lace from my Cheeky Charlotte Cardigan and Flowers for Lauren Necklace

Vintage pink ricrac

Vintage buttons. Which ones shall I use?

Trace the patches that you want to cover with interfacing. This will then be your template.

First piece of fabric about to be cut.

Pin your pieces on the bag so you can get a feel of who the project is going to look.

The cushion fabric had ties, so I decided to incorporate those ties into this refashion. I cut the ties to a length that I liked and then added a vintage button.

This little heart was a leftover toggle from my jewellery kit. It's little circular attachment had broken so as a piece of jewellery I could no longer used it. Never mind, I will sew it into one of the ties.

Let's make a flower. The green button was a bold green with staining. I used pale green nail polish to fix the stain and soften the colour.

Vintage pink ricrac sewn into place

Vintage rose buttons hand sewn into place.

The flower was sewn into place(this took a little bit of grunt) and everything else was Mod Podged onto their allocated patches.

Love modge podge. I need to buy shares in this company and no! I am not paid by Mod Podge to sing their praises. It is a good all round craft product.

With leftover fabric braid a plait.

Sew leftover lace to cover handles. The handles are very thin and the sewing machine handled them easily.

Finished bag with lots of embellishments.

Cute little bows sewn onto the handles

Close up of all the embellishments. 

Time for Rosie to have a romantic date.


  1. Your bag turned out beautiful. Love it.

  2. Thank you Brenda. The bag in its original form was plain and pedestrian. I wanted to create something that was pretty, feminine and sweet. It was a fun refashion.

  3. Mezzy, you've turned a plain and boring bag into a great one!

  4. Thanks Agy. I really enjoyed this refashion. It is a simple refashion but there is a lot of time invested in it. The new layers lift a plain dated bag and turn it in something individual and romantic.