Tuesday, 10 July 2012

"Cherry Pie Tie Cuff". Anthropologie Inspired.

"Cherry Pie Tie" Cuff.
The key to this vintage tie refashion is as simple as a small plastic bottle of soft drink. The circumference of the bottle was fairly close to the circumference of my wrist, so I kept the empty bottle in my sewing corner and waited for my cuff idea to develop. 
I am a bit of a bower bird which means that I like to collect pretty things and place them in my nest. These pretty things sometimes sit in the nest for years and years but I know that eventually I will find a use for them. They have history and memories attached so I know that eventually I will find a special and meaningful use for my treasures.
You too can create your own Cherry Pie Tie Cuff brimming with all your special memories, so let us begin this magical journey together. 

Start with a small plastic soft drink bottle.

With a sharp craft knife cut a hole in your drink bottle. Then grab your scissors and cut out the width that you like. At this point you have a circle which you will then need to cut an opening so you can lay it down flat.

Here is the first memory. This tie belonged to my husband when he was a young boy. Bit of a dubious colour combination, but I actually like it. The width is perfect as I can slide the plastic bottle insert into the wide end of the tie.

The cuff will now form a circular shape. Cut the excess narrow end of the tie off. 

To keep the plastic insert in place sew down the centre of the tie. A regular sewing machine will do this job with the correct needle in place.

Here is the second memory. This is an earring I wore when I first got my ears pierced. I was 17 years old at the time and about to launch into adulthood. I started travelling the world and went on many adventures. These earrings came along for the journey and they are a reminder of all the new experiences that I embarked on. You will need to hand sew all your little knick knacks and embellishments.

I like to crochet, but not clothing or household furnishings. I like taking a traditional item or craft and kind of re-inventing it into something else. I use jewellery wire and crochet necklaces, collars etc etc. This chain with bells and baubles is a leftover piece from another project.

Time to get out my stash of vintage buttons.

Scrap 1970's fabric, previously used in my 1970's handbag refashion and many other projects. This scrap fabric came from a vintage maxi dress that my daughter Emily cut off. Keep adding your memories and place them into a pattern that is pleasing to you. To keep the cuff in place and ensure that it holds its shape you will need to iron on velcro. This will stop it from unwinding whilst wearing it. Hmmm it still needs more embellishments.

These are the cutest vintage buttons, so I want to make sure that I add these.

Finished cuff on its first outing. Gee that coffee was good.

Finished Memory Cuff. Broken chain in top right hand corner is from a piece of jewellery that my daughter Emily used to wear. The biege flower towards the bottom of the cuff is another earring that I purchased on a date with my husband who at that time was my boyfriend. I would have been 21 years old when he picked me up from my parents place at 4.00am to drive down the coast and attend the Red Hill Market. Bruce Springsteen(I'm on Fire) was playing on the radio and life was just sweet. We then married, had two daughters and lived a simple life. This cuff is full of our lives and memories together..

Just for the record below is Anthropologie's Gathered Treasures Cuff. I love the design of this cuff and it has been the inspiration for many of my cuff creations such as Adrift @ Sea Cuff  and others that can be found on my blog.


  1. I like how your cuff has a story behind it! It's lovely. :-)

  2. Thanks Agy. The story is important to me as I don't have the discipline to do a step by step tutorial. I guess my refashions are generally about evoking a feeling and a response. If you feel then you can create. That is the message that I want to share with others.

  3. Te felicito!!!!!!!!!!!!! trabajas hermoso, sobre todo me gusta las historias que hay detrĂ¡s de cada uno de las manualidades que realizas. besos y abrazos desde Caracas Venezuela

    1. Thanks Mithuna22. Your beautiful comments put a smile on my face. I used Google translator so I know that your comments read........ "I congratulate you!!!!! Beautiful work, I especially like the stories behind each of the crafts you make. kisses and hugs from Caracas Venezuela"

      What a lovely message to wake up to. Thank you once again.