Sunday, 24 June 2012

T-Shirt Refashion

"Penelope's Paris Party" Tee

Penelope was in Paris ready to kick up her heels and party, 
she needed a tee that was fabulous, French and arty.
Something with style and a bit of Gallic sass,
a tee with a modern twist and plenty of class.

So in the thrift store she found a matronly blue striped tee,
with limp dated flowers it was screaming to be made free.
The flowers were ejected and a red ruffle was put in place,
adding a pretty red bow, the tee now has charm and grace.

Penelope was at the party when she found love with young Pierre,
he was besotted and bewitched by her fashion and flair.
One  star lit romantic evening he proposed at the Eiffel Tower,
tres manifique result by simply removing a dated fabric flower!

So this is Penelope's plain tee. Bargain at only $2.50(yellow tags half price) at the thrift store. 

Here is the problem area. The fabric flowers have seen better days. They are crumpled and limp and make the tee feel matronly.

Time to unpick the flowers.

This ruffle was created from a red nightie that I pulled apart. I cut two inch strips of nylon fabric which I then turned into a ruffle. This is easily done using the highest tension and stitch settings on your sewing machine.

The ruffle is then pinned and sewn into place. I liked the existing blue satin neckline on the tee, so I placed the ruffle exactly half way down.

This is what remains of the deconstructed red nightie. It had a lovely red satin ribbon at the bustline which I carefully unpicked.

The red ribbon was sewn into place in the centre of the neckline.

Once the ribbon was sewn into place I tied it into a bow. 

Close up of the new neckline.

I now feel fresh and chic in my refashioned tee.

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  1. That red ribbon really adds a pop of colour to the top! Well done.