Friday, 22 June 2012

Lamp Shade Refashion.

"Emily Illuminates The World" Lampshade.

Emily(my amazing daughter) is a traveller and lights up the world where ever she goes. She has a sweet and sunny disposition. She follows the sun and wears flowers in her hair. She lives and breathes retro/vintage so this lampshade refashion is named in her honour.

Start with a really plain boring 1970's bedside lamp. Here is the before shot of my $5.99 thrift store lamp.

Love my 1970's flower power print. This came off a maxi skirt that Emily shortened for herself. I have also used this fabric in my "Flowers @ My Feet" shoe refashion

This is a thrift piece of  1970's orange fringing. 

So I turned the fabric to the wrong side and pinned it to the lamp. I slowly worked the pins on two sides ensuring that the followed the shape of the lamp for a snug fit. I also cut the excess fabric from the top and pinned sides.

I then glued(using fabric glue)the fringing to the bottom of the lampshade. I ensured that it stayed in place with two clothes pegs.

To give the lampshade balance I decided to create a kind of bias binding for the top. I did this by unpicking the back panel of the fringing.

If you look closely you can see a needle and thread. To neaten the edges of the fabric, I sewed them to the inside of the lampshade. I then glued on the "kind of bias binding" along the top.

With the turn of the switch....."Emily Illuminates The World". I love how pretty the lampshade has turned out. I love the ambiance it creates in my 1970's bedroom.

Sweet dreams.

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