Saturday, 16 June 2012

"Cuff Enough" Denim

So this denim refashion begins with an old comfortable denim pair of pants and a fraying hem. I wear denim most of the time so I am reluctant to throw out comfy jeans. Have previously created a fun upcycle using a vintage tie in my "From Old To Bold" refashion. Loved it so much I then used the same tie in my "Archie TieChie Pants" for the little man in my life. Okay so a confession. I want to make it clear that we do not wear our matching denims at the same time. That would just be too weird!
Oops I digress so back to the refashion. I was up for another vintage tie refashion. Here is my fraying pair of denims.

Should I add this tie?

Hmmm no....too out there!

What about this one?

Really like it but it is kind of too wide.

Perhaps I should add this one?

Ohhh ahhh love the colours. This one is just right.

Boo hoo I hate it. It looks horrible. Time to unpick and back to the drawing board. Hmmm got to figure out a Plan B.

What if I take a waistband from an old denim pair of pants and refit it onto my fraying cuffs? Yeah.....I think that might work.

Old waistband has been cut to fit fraying cuff. Hide ragged edge under the existing finished edge of the old waistband. I like to keep the quirky features so this cuff will retain the old button.

Complete the same process for the second cuff. with this one I have retained the buttonhole and it is facing out.

This is very easy to sew. However when you get to the thicker sections take your foot off your pedal as you will need to hand turn your wheel. 

Fraying hem problem now solved.

Yay....Plan B is a winner. Loving my new "Cuff Enough" denim.