Saturday, 9 June 2012

Bowtiful Top

I used to loathe the colour grey. I found it too bland and boring. Why did people wear it as it was such a nothing colour?????
I don't know what has happened but now it is a favourite colour. I love the colour grey as it is very adaptable and versatile. It is the first colour I now look for in my thrift store adventures.

The following is a very simple transformation. I purchased a plain jumper at a local thrift store. Originally I was going to make it pretty with some grey lace left over from my 10 second skirt refashion. When I pinned it....well it still looked too plain. I then thought that I might try sewing this bow on the shoulder. Hmmm a very simple and quick transformation. I now have a sparkly after 5 top to wear with a smart black skirt for evenings out.

Start with as plain grey top.

This dress has seen better days.

Close up of sparkly bow before it is unpicked..

Sparkly bow pinned to shoulder of grey top, ready for sewing. 

Plain grey is now transformed into a Bowtiful Top.

Bowtiful Top now ready for a night at the theatre.


  1. Okay, that sweater is super cute, I'm a sucker for bows, but oh my gosh where did you find that amazing hanger?!

  2. Penelope Hanger is pretty amazing. She was originally going to hang on my wall as a retro alternative to hanging a print. However I returned to the world of refashioning after a gap of ten years and now she is my number 1 model.
    I found her in a retro clothing stall which is part of a co-operative of multiple vintage/retro stalls. She is genuine 1960'-1970's era. She has a bit of a Mary Quant, Carnaby St feel, which was at the cutting edge of fashion in it's day.