Sunday, 24 June 2012

T-Shirt Refashion

"Penelope's Paris Party" Tee

Penelope was in Paris ready to kick up her heels and party, 
she needed a tee that was fabulous, French and arty.
Something with style and a bit of Gallic sass,
a tee with a modern twist and plenty of class.

So in the thrift store she found a matronly blue striped tee,
with limp dated flowers it was screaming to be made free.
The flowers were ejected and a red ruffle was put in place,
adding a pretty red bow, the tee now has charm and grace.

Penelope was at the party when she found love with young Pierre,
he was besotted and bewitched by her fashion and flair.
One  star lit romantic evening he proposed at the Eiffel Tower,
tres manifique result by simply removing a dated fabric flower!

So this is Penelope's plain tee. Bargain at only $2.50(yellow tags half price) at the thrift store. 

Here is the problem area. The fabric flowers have seen better days. They are crumpled and limp and make the tee feel matronly.

Time to unpick the flowers.

This ruffle was created from a red nightie that I pulled apart. I cut two inch strips of nylon fabric which I then turned into a ruffle. This is easily done using the highest tension and stitch settings on your sewing machine.

The ruffle is then pinned and sewn into place. I liked the existing blue satin neckline on the tee, so I placed the ruffle exactly half way down.

This is what remains of the deconstructed red nightie. It had a lovely red satin ribbon at the bustline which I carefully unpicked.

The red ribbon was sewn into place in the centre of the neckline.

Once the ribbon was sewn into place I tied it into a bow. 

Close up of the new neckline.

I now feel fresh and chic in my refashioned tee.

Friday, 22 June 2012

Lamp Shade Refashion.

"Emily Illuminates The World" Lampshade.

Emily(my amazing daughter) is a traveller and lights up the world where ever she goes. She has a sweet and sunny disposition. She follows the sun and wears flowers in her hair. She lives and breathes retro/vintage so this lampshade refashion is named in her honour.

Start with a really plain boring 1970's bedside lamp. Here is the before shot of my $5.99 thrift store lamp.

Love my 1970's flower power print. This came off a maxi skirt that Emily shortened for herself. I have also used this fabric in my "Flowers @ My Feet" shoe refashion

This is a thrift piece of  1970's orange fringing. 

So I turned the fabric to the wrong side and pinned it to the lamp. I slowly worked the pins on two sides ensuring that the followed the shape of the lamp for a snug fit. I also cut the excess fabric from the top and pinned sides.

I then glued(using fabric glue)the fringing to the bottom of the lampshade. I ensured that it stayed in place with two clothes pegs.

To give the lampshade balance I decided to create a kind of bias binding for the top. I did this by unpicking the back panel of the fringing.

If you look closely you can see a needle and thread. To neaten the edges of the fabric, I sewed them to the inside of the lampshade. I then glued on the "kind of bias binding" along the top.

With the turn of the switch....."Emily Illuminates The World". I love how pretty the lampshade has turned out. I love the ambiance it creates in my 1970's bedroom.

Sweet dreams.

Saturday, 16 June 2012

"Cuff Enough" Denim

So this denim refashion begins with an old comfortable denim pair of pants and a fraying hem. I wear denim most of the time so I am reluctant to throw out comfy jeans. Have previously created a fun upcycle using a vintage tie in my "From Old To Bold" refashion. Loved it so much I then used the same tie in my "Archie TieChie Pants" for the little man in my life. Okay so a confession. I want to make it clear that we do not wear our matching denims at the same time. That would just be too weird!
Oops I digress so back to the refashion. I was up for another vintage tie refashion. Here is my fraying pair of denims.

Should I add this tie?

Hmmm no....too out there!

What about this one?

Really like it but it is kind of too wide.

Perhaps I should add this one?

Ohhh ahhh love the colours. This one is just right.

Boo hoo I hate it. It looks horrible. Time to unpick and back to the drawing board. Hmmm got to figure out a Plan B.

What if I take a waistband from an old denim pair of pants and refit it onto my fraying cuffs? Yeah.....I think that might work.

Old waistband has been cut to fit fraying cuff. Hide ragged edge under the existing finished edge of the old waistband. I like to keep the quirky features so this cuff will retain the old button.

Complete the same process for the second cuff. with this one I have retained the buttonhole and it is facing out.

This is very easy to sew. However when you get to the thicker sections take your foot off your pedal as you will need to hand turn your wheel. 

Fraying hem problem now solved.

Yay....Plan B is a winner. Loving my new "Cuff Enough" denim.

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Bowtiful Top

I used to loathe the colour grey. I found it too bland and boring. Why did people wear it as it was such a nothing colour?????
I don't know what has happened but now it is a favourite colour. I love the colour grey as it is very adaptable and versatile. It is the first colour I now look for in my thrift store adventures.

The following is a very simple transformation. I purchased a plain jumper at a local thrift store. Originally I was going to make it pretty with some grey lace left over from my 10 second skirt refashion. When I pinned it....well it still looked too plain. I then thought that I might try sewing this bow on the shoulder. Hmmm a very simple and quick transformation. I now have a sparkly after 5 top to wear with a smart black skirt for evenings out.

Start with as plain grey top.

This dress has seen better days.

Close up of sparkly bow before it is unpicked..

Sparkly bow pinned to shoulder of grey top, ready for sewing. 

Plain grey is now transformed into a Bowtiful Top.

Bowtiful Top now ready for a night at the theatre.

Saturday, 2 June 2012

"Seven Seas" Tee

 Do I have a whizz bang sewing machine...uuummmm no. (Still have my reliable old basic Singer from when I first got married a very long time ago)
Do I have any artistic talent.....hmmm, it is going to have to be a no on that one too.(Always wanted to be able to sing and draw, but the talent gene skipped from my father straight to my daughter).
Do I have a good imagination....finally a yes! (I can usually visualize how I want something to look. Then it is just a matter of creating all the steps in between).

"Seven Seas" Tee started with a bit of imagination and a lot of figuring out. Here is this process step by step.

Begin with a plain tee. I found this one at a thrift store for 30 cents.

Add some cool nautical fabric. This old retro fabric was found at my local Hunter Gatherer thrift store. 

Here is the original concept. Now all I have to do is figure out how I am going to create this.

Here is my drawing of an old pirate ship. It would be a lot easier for me to print images off the internet. Sadly however, during our last computer upgrade the computer tech somehow managed to wipe our existing  printing function which we did not discover until some months later when we needed to print a document. Oh no!!!! that means that I am going to have to freehand draw.

Interfacing is essential for the next step.

Trace your sailing ship onto the interfacing.

Place wrong side of fabric underneath interfacing. Pin it so you have a good spread of your nautical images.

Use a straight stitch and sew along the whole of your drawing.

Next step is to zigzag your ship. Follow the straight stitching outline that you have created. I have flipped this piece over so you can get a sense of what it will look like.

Carefully use your seam ripper to get into the sections that are not part of the sailing ship and then use your scissors to create these tricky gaps. Cut as close to the zigzag stitching as possible without cutting into it.

Carefully cut gaps look great and give the sailing ship a cool outline.

Pin your ship to the tee and then start sewing with a straight stitch just on the inside of the zig zag stitching. I only sewed around the border of the sailing ship.

Wow....I am pretty happy with this result. Mrs LRM made designer tee with a retro funky look. All up this cost me approx 50 cents in materials.