Wednesday, 9 May 2012

"Well Travelled Rock Chick" Denim Jacket

I have always wanted to find a denim jacket at a thrift store and finally I did. Denim jackets have a degree of coolness about them and I have always wanted to create my own version of a "Well Travelled Rock Chick" jacket. Recently seen a really cool treatment of a denim jacket by Anthropologie using a painted canvas as a unique design feature. Here is my version.

I can't draw but I still like to get my ideas down on paper. Here is the beginning of my idea.

Kunstenaar Jacket, Flowering Roses-Kunstenaar Jacket, Flowering Roses

Anthropologie's Kunstenaar Denim Jacket that retails for $388.00. Love the jacket but not the price. Very clever idea that uses old paintings sourced in Belgium, Holland and France and transformed by Leslie Oashmann into wearable art. 

Here is my thrift store find.

Here is the back just before it is to be transformed.

Vintage August 1972 velvet wall hanging. I bought this for $1.50 from a thrift store approx 3 months ago. My house is retro-styling so this has actually been hanging on my hallway wall. The colours are vibrant and they just pop against the black velvet background. I also love the retro font therefore I had to keep the wording intact.

Finished this off with a black ric rac trim. The velvet wall hanging also had to be cut down to size to fit the denim panel.

Finished and ready to wear.

"Well Travelled Rock Chick" Denim Jacket.


  1. Very cool. Don't apologize for your drawing skills, I think a concept book is a great idea! I've never thought of doing that for my projects! You've inspired me.

    1. Thanks Scoopace. I used to have bits of scrap paper with ideas everywhere. Last week I went into a big department store and bought a 2012 diary(they were trying to get rid of them) for 50cents. This has now become my concept book.

  2. Love love love it Mezzy!! I wouldn't have thought of using canvas or velvet paintings, I will be thinking twice about those wall hangings/paintings at the thrift shops now.. :)

  3. Thanks Bat Ma'am. I work with the theory of when you see something that resonates with store that image in your mind and then let the idea develop.
    Thrift stores are full of abandoned needlework projects, old worn paintings etc etc. I like the velvet 1970's hanging because it gave my jacket a retro look. I still want to find an awesome old canvas and create another jacket refashion.
    BTW....loved the Flip Flop transformation.

  4. Great idea. It intrigues me as I am struggling with a jeans jacket refashion at the moment. As an artist, I also have some possible old canvases, what a trippy idea. I wonder how you would ever wash it though.

    1. I have not washed my jacket yet so I am not sure how it will look once washed. I plan to first put it in a pillowcase before it goes into the washing machine. Kind of like when you put your delicates into a special little washbag. I am hoping that when I wash it, the print will start to fade a little bit to give it a worn vintage look.
      Zom I encourage you to use your old canvasses. I think that it would look amazing and I would love to see the end result.

  5. Just popped back over here to say that my aunt gave me a fancy new journal for my bday and its my new project sketching journal xD thanks for the idea Mezz! Love your blog BTW. Obviously cuz I keep stalking it ;) and thanks! I love my flippies :D

    1. I am really flattered that you love my blog and it makes me happy that you are going to sketch your ideas in a journal. For me, my journal has a two-fold purpose.
      The first purpose is that it is impossible to remember all your ideas, so a journal is a way of recording them. You can then develop those ideas until they are finally a finished product.
      The second reason I keep a journal is that I want my daughters to have a history of my creative life. My own mother passed away when I was 25 years old and I have very little to remember her by. This is my way of addressing that gap in my life.