Thursday, 17 May 2012

Parsimony Pants

Definition Of Parsimony-"extreme or excessive economy or frugality"..... Time to rescue this term and refashion it to suit our tough economic times.

In days of old our ancestors knew how to "make do" They were the ultimate recyclers, repurposers and refashioners. With the Global Financial Crisis, times have once again become tough and many of us are turning back to the basics.
When my beloved and I first married we saved hard and were owner builders of our dream home out in the country. We lived on a bare concrete slab and I did not have a washing machine. I had two babies 2 years old and under still in nappies, so I had to wash all of them by hand. 
I cooked everything from scratch and I taught myself to sew. When t-shirts outgrew their purpose, I refashion them into underpants. Thrift stores were my best friend so I would pick things up for a song. This frugal living meant that were able to live a simple life on one income and we lived within our means.
"Parsimony Pants" are dedicated to those times. 

Begin with an old 1970's chenille bedspread

Add a small piece of 1950/60's bark cloth curtain fabric.

Close up of the bark cloth. This is an English hunting scene so the pants are being made for a 3 year old boy.

Retro 1970's pattern. Cool flared pants that will suit a boy or a girl.

Finished pants-front.

Finished pants-back.


  1. MEZZY!! THOSE ARE AMAZING!! Love that vintage pattern!!

  2. The bark cloth pattern is amazing although a tad politically incorrect with it's English hunting scenes.
    Here are some lessons that I did not put in this semi tutorial.

    Lesson 1- When working with tatty old chenille consider wearing a face mask. Once cut, chenille scraps fly everywhere and you tend to unwillingly injest them. They also end up looking like big chunky, fluffy bits of dandruff in your hair.

    Lesson 2-Vintage bark cloth is hard(and expensive) to find. It is crucial that you follow the grain of the fabric when cutting(this I did well). Equally as important is ensuring that you have the pattern running the correct way so you do not end up with a leg that is upside down(this I failed at). I was very tempted to use the upside down leg but it would have looked silly.