Friday, 4 May 2012

"Flowers for Lauren" Necklace

Anthropologie Rain Rippled Necklace which provided the inspiration for "Flowers For Lauren" Necklace.

Five vintage thrift store brooches. Pin backing removed with a bit of grunt.

Connected with jump rings.

Ready for lace.

Lace steeped overnight in jug with two Earl Grey Teabags. Lace now looks vintage and smells divine.

Ready to wear.


Geoffrey was madly in love with Lauren and he would often surprise her by dropping into her workplace with flowers. Lauren would be embarrassed, but we her work collegues loved it and secretly wished that those bouquets were for us.

Lauren was a flower that endlessly bloomed. She came into my workplace,life  and heart. We just clicked and  instantly became friends. The irony was that at that time I was not looking for friendship, but Lauren made it her business to become part of the fabric of my life.

"Flowers for Lauren" necklace is based on Anthropologie's Rain Rippled Necklace. I own the brown version of this necklace and I had purchased the blue version for Lauren. 

Today is your birthday and I miss you terribly. 

R.I.P beautiful Lauren. An amazing spirit taken too soon.   


  1. What a sad story, may she rest in peace. A beautiful memory necklace x