Friday, 18 May 2012

Dreamy Diary

To keep track of my ideas I purchased a 2012 Diary(purchased it in May) from a mega chain store for only 50 cents. The diary is bland, boring and uninspiring. I have Bat Ma'am( see her blog @ )to thank for this refashion. She advised me that she too was going to start sketching her ideas in a fancy new journal that she had received for her birthday. This comment planted the seed and I knew that the time had come to change my uninspiring diary to inspiring and dreamy. Here is the journal journey........

The concept.

Uninspiring bland and boring diary. Bargain @ 50 cents.

Very sweet 1970's embroidery found @ a thrift store. When purchased I did not have a project in mind. I just thought that this was retro and pretty.

Back of embroidery. This was obviously ready for mounting in a picture frame and it remained an unfinished project.

Love that I can date this embroidery. Also love its used slightly dusty look. Look carefully and you can see that it is signed in embroidery too-this feature is very cool.

Place diary on piece of embroidery and move around until you roughly get the best fit. Use the diary to size the amount that you need to trim.

Cut around diary with pinking shears.

Cover diary with a glueing agent. I prefer Modge Podge as it gives it a nice finish

First part of glue work completed which means that you can attached your piece of embroidery.

Modge Podge on top of the piece of embroidery.

This is the tricky bit. You have to treat this project just like you would when covering a school book with contact paper.The excess corners need to be cut on a diagonal and then folded into the inside. These then need to be glued down. You also need to cut on a straight line the excess fabric down to the spine.

Close up of the face and hat which are pieces of felt.

Finished Dreamy Diary cover.

Now my diary is inspiring!

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