Saturday, 19 May 2012

Anthropologie Refashion

"Waist Not...Want Not" Top
This love affair begins in America. Anthropologie and I met....we fell in love.Bliss.... a match made in heaven.

Here is the back story to this refashion.....
My younger daughter( affectionately known as Bemily) is a world traveller. If I want to spend time with her, I need to travel to where ever she is in the world. In March 2011 we met up in the California. The U.S.A is such a long long way from Australia so we agreed to meet in San Francisco as we both love all things retro. We rented an apartment in Ashbury and spent hours in the thrift stores along Haight St.
Also spent time downtown where I discovered Anthropologie.What an amazing concept store! Upon my return to Australia decided to mail order quirky clothes for myself from Anthropologie. This was fraught with danger as I could not try on the clothes to ensure that the fit was going to be correct.

This Anthropologie mail order failure has now been rescued.

On me this is a midriff top...Scary! Love the mustard colour. Love the angled neck. Do not love my muffin top exposed under the short waist.

Close up of quirky label. Going to remove it from where it can't be seen and make it a feature where it can be seen. I also love the angled neckline with a lace ruffle and felted wool border.

Here is my original refashion concept. Have decided against using floral fabric as it was cotton and had no stretch.

Older daughter no longer wore this knitted dress. The lighter coloured area has staining.

Measured 4 inches, pinned the hem and then cut it with pinking shears.

Cut the existing waistband off my too short Anthropologie top. As I wanted to match charcoal ribbing to mustard ribbing, I ensured that I cut a seam allowance in the plain knit area. 

Attached new darker waistband in the mid section. Then reattached the existing Anthropologie ribbed waistband to the bottom of the new darker ribbed section.

To tie it all in, I added a ruffle of the charcoal knit on the angled neckline. I also detached the crochet and metal label to use on the neckline.

Completed Anthropologie refashion on me. Being curvaceous, the charcoal waistband is slimming and helps define my waist. I also feel chic and a little bit Frenchy wearing this now.The following pics are the completed refashion on my slim mannikin.

This top is now sweet and sassy. I am excited because I can wear it again.

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