Friday, 25 May 2012

Anthropologie Inspired Tote.

My mantra is thrift so I wanted a good strong tote that would serve a multitude of uses. I want a tote that I can use as an overnight bag, a tote for thrift shop purchases, a tote for my grocery shopping, a magazine carry tote, a gym tote...and my list goes on and on. I want my tote to be pretty, retro and feminine. I want it to have a vintage aesthetic and I want to use recycled materials to make it.
I spotted Anthropologie's Wallpaper tote on the internet and decided to make my own version. Anthropologie's Wallpaper Tote retails @ $168.00. My version cost me $6.00 in materials and I love it.

So here is Anthropologie's Wallpaper Tote. Very nice but I can't justify spending $168.00 to buy it.

Here is the idea. Now all I have to do is create it.

Start with a large strong canvas tote. I found this one @ a local thrift store for only $2.00

I am loving the surprise environmental message stamped on the inside.

To get a good finish for your tote, it is essential that you remove the carry handles.

This dress cost me nothing as it belonged to my daughter. After two babies it no longer fits her.

Close up of the roses pattern, The material is polyester so I need to firm it up with iron on interfacing.

Nice vintage linen tea towel. This I found @ a thrift store approx 1 year ago. I love the colours and it only cost $2.00. I did need to cut this down to fit the front panel of my tote.

Close up of the rose. Being linen it is very thick and does not need interfacing.

1950's-60's pretty rose apron. For my bag refashion all I need is the loose tie section. This is already trimmed with bias binding. I have had for a couple of years and it cost me approx $2.00

This is the tricky step. I wanted it to have the same theme so each piece of fabric has roses. The fabric portions are up to you. Play around with it until you get a look that you like. The tea towel already had two finished edges. I had to hem one edge of the linen tea towel and hid an unfinished edge under the apron tie.  The black roses needed hemming all around. I sewed each portion individually onto the bag.

Oh dear I have made a mistake. I have cut the black rose fabric too short and it does not reach the top of the tote. The solution to this is to create a strip of bias binding from the leftover tea towel and sew it to the top of the tote. Now comes the time to sew the handles back on. Put them back exactly in the same spots they were originally. Take this step really slowly. I bent a needle in the process, so I would recommend turning the sewing machine wheel by hand on the thickest sections. 

Back of finished tote.

Front of finished tote. Pretty happy with my new $6.00 tote.

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  1. Very clever the way you've sewn the pre-loved fabric onto the canvas tote!