Thursday, 26 April 2012

"Flowers @ My Feet" Shoes.

Fashion Disclaimer-This refashion will not appeal to everyone.This refashion is not meant to be high fashion.... or even fashion at all. If you find all things '70's distasteful, unappealing and the era that fashion forgot......leave this page now.

Ummm..... so Jodes of "OMG No! Fashion Disasters" if you just happen to stumble across this refashion through my pinterest page, ummm hmmm it might be better that you just skip it.

Okay great.....Fashion Disclaimer out of the way, I can now start with this refashion.

1970's Suede and leather burnt orange shoes. Purchased at a thrift store for $10.00. Okay, this is a bit more than I usually pay for thrift store shoes, but these came with the wooden/metal vintage shape keeper device. Now these are nice to start with but they are just missing a little bit of Mezzy magic.

1970's fabric cut off from a too long maxi-skirt.

Used baking paper as a tracing paper substitute to create a template. The Mod Podged fabric piece into place. 

"Flowers @ My Feet" shoes now have the little bit of Mezzy magic that makes them quirky and fun to wear.


  1. I love that you used Mod Podge! very cool!

  2. Can't wait to see some matching bell bottoms or skirt Mezzy! Love the 70's look :)