Friday, 6 April 2012

Dolcey Doe's Dancing Shoes.

Docey Doe was in a dilemma, 
her dull brown shoes she had forever.
Mr Carol's square dance she planned to go,
but her boring shoes screamed out no, no, no!

She read the book from cover to cover, 
she even planned to take her mother.
She had it down pat and knew all the moves,
pity about her dull dancing shoes.

Oh what a change and transformation,
her clever shoes will thrill a square dancing nation.
She danced the Lonesome Gent & Down Yonder,
in her new shoes she was a sartorial wonder.

Now Docey Doe is forlorn no more,
a handsome gent named Harry she did score.
Her shoes were sweet and did the did the trick,
and handsome Harry she married real quick.


Docey Doe's(shoes) on their first outing.

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