Wednesday, 18 April 2012

"Adrift @ Sea" Cuff

Anthropologie inspired cuff.

 I actually created this cuff as a special post for American Nanny on her Irish Attic blog. Never having using Wordpress(which is the format her blog takes) the challenge of trying to master it was beyond me. So big apologies to American Nanny for not being able to share this story with you.

So here is the "Adrift @ Sea" cuff story.

Begin with an old vintage tie. I cut it down to fit both a male and female wrist. Edges were zigzagged with gold thread on my basic no frills sewing machine. The gold thread replicates a sandy shore. I then dyed the tie aqua for obvious reasons.

Hours of fossicking on the beach has resulted in the above coastal treasures.  I have buckets full of sea glass, small driftwood and interesting shells. I mixed and matched until I had an interesting combination.

I then started to hand sew my coastal treasures in place with thin gold and copper jewellers wire. I first started with the driftwood and then built on that. Each element found its own place and space.

The end result is a unique unisex cuff. I was inspired by an Anthropologie's Gathered Treasures Watch Cuff. See Below


  1. Thanks Edris. I wore the cuff to work and a hip young co-worker admired it so I gave it to her.I really get a buzz when others enjoy wearing my creations.

  2. That is beautiful :-) Thanks for the inspiration.