Wednesday, 28 March 2012

"Darling have you seen my Tie" Long T.

Poor Penelope in her plain grey long tee. Having purchased this tee from a thrift store some 3 years ago, Penelope loved to wear it with jeans on a dull winters day. 

Acquiring her husband's tie, Penelope knew that she could turn plain into peachy. So she pinned Brad's vintage tie to her plain tee.

Brad is now tie-less and if he asks you have not seen his tie.

Penelope's tee is no longer plain and winter is dull no more.


  1. Great refashion and you crack me up.

  2. Thanks Edris. I love refashioning and I am thrilled that I have found a community of like minded people. I see the fun and joy in refashioning and I guess that I like my dialogue/text to reflect that.

  3. You are so funny and creative!!!!
    Happy Friday!

  4. Thanks Beth. I have so much fun with refashioning and I am very fortunate to have located Penelope Coat-Hanger in a retro store to assist me with my creations.
    Sometimes I cringe for Penelope Coat-Hanger as she is made to model toddlers and babies clothing, but being the professional that she is.....well she takes it all in her stride.