Wednesday, 28 March 2012

"Darling have you seen my Tie" Long T.

Poor Penelope in her plain grey long tee. Having purchased this tee from a thrift store some 3 years ago, Penelope loved to wear it with jeans on a dull winters day. 

Acquiring her husband's tie, Penelope knew that she could turn plain into peachy. So she pinned Brad's vintage tie to her plain tee.

Brad is now tie-less and if he asks you have not seen his tie.

Penelope's tee is no longer plain and winter is dull no more.

Sunday, 25 March 2012

The Cheeky Charlotte Cardigan

Thanks to Anthropologie for creating a gorgeous lace cardigan. A big thanks also must go to Jennifer Brasher of who inspired me with her amazing version of the Anthropologie brushed lace cardigan. Below is my version.

Gorgeous moss green cardigan but overall quite dull. Pretty pretty vintage petticoat. Let's combine the two and see what can be created.

The Cheeky Charlotte can lift the plainest of jeans and can make casual look chic. The Cheeky Charlotte is also classic and would look sweet and demure with a vintage pencil skirt.

Friday, 23 March 2012

The Tie-Shirt......From Casual to Corporate

This introspective young man is planning his long day ahead in the  corporate world.  
From casual to corporate.....he is boardroom ready in his Tie-Shirt. A pocket handkerchief on a jaunty angle completes this sartorial look.

Archie TieChie Pants

"Nanna LRM I am soooo over boring baby denim pants....Could you find a way of making them special and spectacular" 
"Sure thing about I turn an old 1970's mens tie into Archie TieChie Pants!"

"Wow I look pretty dandy in my restyled denims"

"Check my cuffs out. How cool are they??????"
"Ssssshhhhh don't tell other babies....'cos they will all want Archie Tiechie Pants"

Sunday, 18 March 2012

From Old to Bold

Another lazy Sunday afternoon project. 

My Mariah Carey jeans cause great hilarity amongst my family as I had cut off the waist band because they were Harry Highpants. I wear them often and they have become faded, plain and boring. Too comfortable to throw out it was time to upcycle them.

I have a collection of old retro ties that I have purchased from thrift stores. For this project I picked a tie with similar colour tonings to the jeans. I used one tie and pinned it to the cuff of my jeans. I wanted to keep the integrity of the tie intact so I have left the triangle points as a features.

One cuff is thin and the other thick. For me it is not important that they are not identical. For me it is about re-telling the story of this tie in a new way.

Create your own Mariah jeans. Experiment and have fun.

Sunday, 11 March 2012

The Cosson Cushion

This cushion began life as deadstock. It was a mens sleepwear set that I found at a Hunter Gatherer store. This project was inspired by Alison Cosson, a fashion design student who at that time was sharing an apartment with my daughter. Saw a funky cushion that she made from an old shirt that she found in a thrift store and decided that I would do the same one day.

This is a lazy Sunday morning project which only took an hour of concentrated sewing. Spend relaxing summer days on your hammock with the Cosson Cushion and a good book. Store your bookmark in the pocket. 

Also ideal for the man in your life as a TV Cushion. With its clever pocket, the Cosson Cushion safely stores the remote control so it is never lost again.

Hope this inspires you to sew your own Cosson Cushion.